Provide the client practical, professional and economical solutions to his problems, respecting the legal framework of the Law.


Become a prestigious and trustworthy Law Firm. Use efficient procedures, policies and information systems. Be professionally ethic, minimize the deficiencies of the legal framework, and respect the citizens and society’s rights.


Our actions respect a code of ethics that result into quality. The personal and professional ethics are controlled, and could be penalized, by the Bar Association, which watches over the good practice of our profession, according to the code of ethics.
Professional Secrecy: Our actions are based on trust. We guarantee our client that his enquiry is strictly confidential.
Independency: we are not influenced by third parties. We only look after the interests of our clients, with the help of the Bar Association that looks after the independency of lawyers.
Honesty: We always tell the truth, we are realistic. We will inform of the advantages or disadvantages of every decision to help our clients choose the best for them. We don’t create false hopes.
Excellence of service: Our service is entirely dedicated to our clients, making efforts to overcome their expectations, providing them security through our reliability in the legal aspects, and quality of service - information, empathy, understanding, reactivity, seriousness…
Teamwork: Our philosophy combines the individual’s initiative with the cooperation, the teamwork and even friendship, which we believe are fundamental for the client..