Lucuslex Abogados is a multidisciplinary team whose activities are mainly in Galicia, but who has an international spirit, precisely because of our genuine Galician nature.

If you are an entrepreneur from a foreign country that would like to stablish a branch of your business in Spain or, the other way around, you are a Spanish businessman that wishes to expand and provide your services abroad, especially South America (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina), we can bring to you the proficiency of our law and finance experts.

In the first case, we will help you make the best decisions to set up your organization in Spain, guaranteeing its success. We can provide assistance in different areas such as staff recruitment, financing, tax law…

If you want to set up your business outside of Spain, we can offer our services in the preliminary steps, such as internationalization grants, establishment projects, search of local partners, business model, international taxation system, etc, as well as in the subsequent ones: we will be by your side on site, once the business project has been deployed.

In order to accomplish this, we have made alliances with several local law firms around the world, which will allow us to provide you the same quality of service, no matter the country where you are.

The idea is yours. Ours are the means to make it happen.